About Me

Who am I? What is My True Purpose?

I am a woman, a wife, a mom! Who I am?


I was born and grew up in a beautiful multi-religion country called “LEBANON” where Muslim and Christian live together and speak one language, the language of “HUMANITY”.

After studying Business, and working in the pharmaceutical field, I met my husband and moved with him to MIAMI where my best 2 achievements in life were born, my 2 boys!

I worked as a stay at home mom for 10 years, I often felt that I was missing the true essence of who I am! Something was missing in my core…I had questions but no answers. I Felt empty, unfulfilled, lost in finding the purpose of my existence! Time was crawling; I had no excitement, no energy! I was feeling that I was missing opportunities while my kids were growing and my life had no meaning! They are going to learn everything from me but they will grow up missing the passion that lights up their hearts!

At the end of every day, do you feel that you are passing on your true passion to your family?

I decided to go back to school where I got my license in skin care to make women more beautiful from outside! But still I was not fulfilled.. I kept asking and asking the same question: what is my goal?

January 15, 2016, 5:15 P.M. yes I remembered this day very well. I was watching a TV interview with a life coach.  She talked about women lost in finding their purpose, unhappy, not being present with their kids, fear in moving out of their comfort zone, fighting for what they really want, having  low energy…

It was a wake-up call! I felt that she was addressing me!

At that moment my life was transformed! I felt an internal force guiding me, my inner voice was calling me, by saying: COACHING  IS YOUR PASSION,YOUR PURPOSE ,this is the answer to your questions! Follow your Heart! KNOW YOUR TRUTH, SPEAK YOUR TRUTH!

I felt connected to my core; I was tapping into my intuition, my "ME"! On October 25, 2016, I became a certified, professional, life energy coach, and a Core dynamic Leadership &Transition Specialist.

I empower women to not only Breath but to live a fulfilled life! I rediscovered the thrill of being alive and the courage to live the vibrant life I was born for. To live my life with energy, authenticity and fulfillment, to continue grow and learn as a mother, wife, sister, and most importantly as the real ME.

I realized that in order to live your best life, you have to listen to your own voice and act on it. Coaching was the path to find WHO I AM? IT is the light within us that shines the core of others.

What are you curious about? Do you wonder if you can make any changes in your life?

Finally, I am living my dream helping others live theirs, by opening their heart to clear out inner blockages, let the positive energy flow, trust their inner voice to attract their gift and welcome it with ease, by being aware to move, cross the bridges, and most importantly share it with the world to plant the seed and create a better authentic world!!

What if somebody told that you can rewrite the story of your life ? How does it feel? What your inner voice telling you?

My inner voice is saying:

I am glad that I had the opportunity to share  part of my life, and my story with YOU!

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