Life Coaching

Life Coaching

If you want to reinvent, refresh, reinspire your passion and want to focus on possibilities and discovering opportunity then you are in the right place!


To retreat & inspire the audience by reconnecting to their Core, purpose and passion in life. Re-awaken the conscious, renew the energy, practice self-care and focus on opportunity and only Opportunity.


Training on leadership, transition, energy and personal development to explore your goal setting, vision, energy, action and accountability.


is not advice, therapy, nor counseling, it is about YOU and only YOU! It is helping women move from problem to solution, by getting you to see possibilities and make conscious choices.  It is a service that addresses specific personal projects, business successes or general conditions in your life or profession. It is a designed-alliance that helps bring out the best in the client and helps you create and live the life that YOU want to live, and opens awareness into what makes YOU UNIQUE.

In partnership, we will explore, learn, challenge, stretch and inspire YOU to achieve your goals. Coaching will be done in person and/or by telephone and/or via Skype as agreed with the client along with mutually decided upon times.

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of all the communications is extremely important in the coaching relationship, to achieve the utmost of self-exploration, improvement and getting results. Honestly and openness is imperative. Our work is done on mutual agreement based on the ICF (International Coach Federation) which are ethics, values, respect and confidentiality


We do workshops to raise the confidence, connection, communication, authenticity and be in the moment and Reach your intention and say:" YES I CAN DO IT!"

We do Workshops to access your unlimited potential, your gift and speak your purpose!

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