Motivational Speaking & Radio/TV

Motivational Speaking

Radio and TV

Motivational Speaking

Speaking in front of an audience fires me up, widens my eyes, it is just my passion! Because I can share my gift and energy to inspire, educate and add value on  a large group of audience.


By connecting with your soul in an empowering environment where judgement is absent, and only positive energy &authenticity  are present.

Radio and Television

Through Radio and Television, let me help reminding you, how you give yourself the permission to practice self-care, how to be an engaged woman, rediscover the things that bring nourish to your soul, reawaken your creativity side, reinvent to feel good about WHO YOU ARE and be the most fabulous version of yourself!

I did my interviews in Lebanon where I talked about awareness, positive energy and the power of choice to choose the situation that serve our goal.

How we increase our confidence and self-esteem, how we overcome fear and move from our comfort zone and to build the habit of self-care by doing one positive thing everyday to yourself and how we lead our kids by being good examples.

As Part of My Journey of being a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach,

I have participated in a multitude of radio and television shows to talk about how I help others become inspired to live a life more fulfilled. Here is a clip of one of my television appearances.

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