"Intuitive, inspiring, and Energetic"

I am a zumba instructor and I teach women to improve their physical energy.  Zeina motivates me to improve my internal energy, and overcome stress, by listening to my concerns, by having the ability to move me forward, by encouraging me to be the best that I can be, by loving and appreciating my being and by being present with my kids.. Zeina is a truly amazing intuitive coach! If you want to be heard and reach your goals Zeina is the right coach for you!

Vania Bilinski (Venezuela) - Certified Zumba Instructor

"Empathic, Amazing and Courageous Coach"

I had the chance to experience a dual relationship with Zeina, a friendship one and a professional one. On a friendship level, Zeina is one of the most loyal, honest people I have ever known.She helpful, compassionate, and genuinely care for her friends.

Zeina always gave me great advice in different areas of my life.On a professional level, I experienced working with Zeina throughout our iPEC coaching program and I got so see how competent she is, how fast of a learner she is, and I think Zeina brought all of these qualities and competences into her job. Zeina is very courageous and I always admired how she puts herself out there without fear of being rejected and she always wants to make sure she's heard. She is an amazing coach, a very empathic person and anyone would be lucky to work with her.

Patricia Raphael (Miami) - Lawyer & Certified Professional Coach

"Working with Zeina was challenging and inspiring!"

I was feeling anxious and stuck by being unable to deal with my teenage daughter...Zeina  challenged me to become self-empowered, to find the answers within me and most importantly to love and appreciate myself. She helped me gain clarity to communicate with my daughter in the language of love and care. I’m so thankful to have zeina as a life coach! She is amazingly intuitive listener who you feel comfortable sharing and talking about anything.zeina support, inspire and encourage your path to progress.

If you are looking for a partner to be your best self, don't hesitate to work with zeina!

Vola haidar  (Lebanon) - Inspector at ministry of economy & trade

"Compassionate, Gentle, Supportive & Caring!"

I had the privilege to meet and work with Zeina as my Peer Coach. During the time we worked together, I was dealing with a personal issue that had me considering postponing my Coaching Training. Thankfully, I had Zeina as my Peer Coach.  Our discussions were incredibly insightful and I always left feeling hopeful and understood.

She was remarkably supportive, gentle and compassionate yet exceptionally skilled at helping me focus on what was really important to me, what was standing in my way and what steps I needed to take to move forward positively.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Zeina and would highly recommend her.

Thank you, Zeina – you are a unique and gifted Life Coach!

Mayelin Maruri (Cuba) - Human Ressources Manager

"Kind, Soft and Trusty!"

Working with Zeina is like having a wonderful breeze of fresh air touch your skin.

Her coaching approach is soft and kind, leaving you always wanting more.

Zeina works hard to create trust and a safe place where you know anything that is shared is for your own betterment. She has made a big difference in my life and for that I am eternally grateful!

Morgan Duzoglou  (New York) - Founder | Life Coach

"Listen, Inspire & Encourage"

Zeina is an amazing and patient coach, with an incredible ability to listen and guide you to find your own answers. Zeina inspires me to pursue my dreams without being afraid of the odds, encourages me to grow step by step, and motivates me to keep going.

I know she can do the same for you.She has a caring, dedicated and easy to talk personality, Zeina is the coach that you are looking for!

Romina Mazza (Argentine) - Speech Language Pathology

"Interesting Experience Full of Clarity & Hope"

Talking with Zeina was very interesting because the more she asked questions the more clear my problems were, after that I started to see solutions and the way my decisions have changed my life. She helped me to distinguish what decisions were good and what I could change to accomplish my goals, which is very useful because when I doubt, i feel overwhelmed I lost time and energy.

This experience is something that everyone should explore on behalf of us.

Diana González (Venezuela) - Interior Design

"Intuitive, Compassionate & Valuable Experience"

I am so happy to be sharing the value I received from coaching with Zeina. She has an uncanny ability to sense where your energy is and help you move forward with positive thoughts and ideas. Zeina is intuitive, compassionate and remains interested in helping her clients achieve and know their greatness. I have reached some extraordinary realizations in my work with Zeina, and I am so grateful. I not only recommend Zeina as a coach but I also suggest you pursue attending her workshops.

Susan j Hilger (Florida)- Interiors &Certified Professional Coach

"Caring, Open-minded & Life Changing Experience"

I have had the opportunity and privilege to be coached by Zeina and the experience has been life changing and has exceed all the expectations.Her sense of caring and the way she open my mind and takes me out of my comfort zone has been key in helping me explore areas of myself that I didn't know exist. In one sentence coach Zeina has helped me discover the real me"

Claudia Ferro (Colombia) - Dentist

"Connect, Wise and Inspiring Journey"

Zeina opened up a space of warmth, wisdom and self-introspection that helped me understood key aspects about who I am as a woman, mother, daughter and professional and what are my goals or expectation in each role. This process has been a turn point in my life as I am redefining who I am and want to be as a whole. I am a work in progress, person in transformation and accepting the gift of life. Our talks and the questions Zeina asked made me have deeper understanding and awareness of what I stand for, what I want in life and how this lines up with I do every day. It has been a wonderful, exciting and motivating journey. Thank you!

María Inés Bruña (Guatemala) - Consultant and professional life Coach